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What Makes the Best Pre-Workout Breakfast?

Breakfast to fuel a workout

It’s true that for some, eating pre-morning-workout just doesn’t sit right. For the rest of us, fuelling our morning workout means fixing up a good breakfast. What does that constitute though, a good breakfast?

As in life, it’s all about finding balance. Eat too little and your workout performance levels may suffer as a result; eat too much and you’ll probably end up greeting your breakfast for a second time shortly into your workout. Have you ever had to do burpees on a full stomach? I wouldn’t recommend it. As a personal trainer working in Didsbury, many of my clients love to begin their day with a sweat-busting workout; fortunately I do too. Preparing our body for that sudden physical exertion is really important if we want to make the most of those small wee hours.

The Argument for Pre-Workout Breakfast

It is a hotly debated topic – should we eat before exercising in the morning? For some the argument is won simply on the principal of, ‘if I sacrifice breakfast, I can have an extra 20 minutes in bed’, which is understandable. However, a lot of research has been found to support a small and thought out breakfast before hitting the gym. It suggests that a smart nutrient intake before exercise will not only enable you to maximise performance levels, but also minimise the damage to our muscles – meaning that post-gym ache will be dulled, and our muscle growth may be better promoted. For those wanting to make the most of a few minutes more in the duvet – why not make your breakfast the night before?

What Food Groups Should I Hit for a Happy Pre-Workout Breakfast?

It should come as no surprise that the two main food groups for a fully fuelled workout are our good friends, Carbohydrates (where the glucose is broken down by the muscles for energy during exercise) and Protein (increased muscle protein synthesis, improved muscle recovery, increased muscle performance).

Great, So What Should I Try?

Of course there a hundreds of combinations which would tick the box for a perfect pre-workout breakfast, but here are some one the best and easiest:

• Overnight oats – make the night before, leave in the fridge, can add honey, and fruits • Milk and/or fruit, (and oat) smoothie – can also be made the night before • Greek yogurt with fruit, seeds, and honey • Greek yogurt with granola • Wholemeal toast with an egg and avocado • Wholemeal toast with peanut butter with sliced banana and cinnamon

For those of you using protein powders in your diet, it is really easy to get into a number of these pre-workout breakfasts. Otherwise, the listed breakfast options will ensure that you get a good level of complex carbohydrates and proteins which are also easy to digest! Remember, when you’re whipping up your wonder-breakfast, consider your portion size and the kind of exercise you will be doing. The experts always advise eat a minimum of 30 minutes before beginning your workout. No one needs to start their day with a public display of their insides.

Not everyone is into a morning workout routine and whilst there are plenty of arguments for an early exercise session, there are just as many for the evening. The important thing is to eat smart, stay motivated, and celebrate your progress. If you think you would benefit from one-to-one training with a tailored exercise plan, please get in touch to learn more about my personal training services, or visit the Personal Training Didsbury website for more information.


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