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Prepare for the Party Season with These Top Workout Tips

Personal trainer prep for Christmas parties

Whether you want to look fantastic in that little black dress, turn heads in the black tie ensemble, or simply have the stamina to last the entire party season, keeping at your workout regime is important. It’s also difficult though. Inside is warm and comfy whilst outside is dark, cold or (as is typical for my personal training base in Didsbury, Manchester) raining. As a personal trainer, I see the gym goers quieten at this time of year as winter weather creeps in and a busy social calendar cranks up. There are lots of reasons to stick at your exercise around this time of year. Not only will you feel fit and fantastic at every Christmas party, but you’ll also avoid the New Year slump because you can go full speed ahead into January, rather than starting your fitness journey from scratch. Staying on top of your exercise can be a struggle at this time of year, so I want to share some advice to keep you focused whilst having fun!

Try Out Gym Classes – Like Boxercise!

They say there’s safety in numbers, but there’s also a whole lot of fun to be had and huge health benefits from group exercise classes. As well as feeling motivated by your exercise class community, there are fantastic social and mental health benefits to enjoy. In an article by LIVESTRONG.COM you can read about these benefits in more detail. I see it first-hand with my group Boxercise classes – a high impact circuit based class which uses boxing techniques to get the body working – where the energy is truly electric, with a real sense of camaraderie. Spinning, Crossfit, Body Pump, Yoga, Legs Bums and Tums, Boxercise; the range of classes available at gyms is immense these days. Try out a few different classes to find which works best for you.

Get Your Gym Playlist Ready

If you opt for a solo approach to exercise, playing music can really energise your workout. Particularly in repetitive exercise such as when using the tread mill, rowing machine, static bike, cross trainer and stepping machine, music can help us find a regular rhythm and according to an article from the NHS, trick our minds into feeling less fatigued by up to 12%. Be sure to make your playlist before starting your exercise, rather than leaving it to shuffle. There are few things worse than being taken out of “the zone” than the intrusion of a slow ballad mid-workout.

Use a Personal Trainer at Your Local Gym

There are a multitude of benefits to using a personal trainer to really get your exercise regime going when winter hits. Booking a session with your personal trainer is a far greater commitment than a half-hearted promise to yourself that you will go to the gym tomorrow. A personal trainer can also help you to map out and meet specific goals by tailoring your session to get the results you want. More than that, for the duration of your personal training session, your personal trainer is you very own cheerleader, motivator, and supporter. This means that in each session, you will be able to push yourself harder and further than if you were working out alone.

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