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Get in Shape for the Big Day

The day we get married is probably the best we will ever look and also one of the most important times to look good! This isn’t just about the pictures, it’s about that special someone looking at you and thinking, ‘yeah I made the right choice here’. Many people spend a great deal of time and money preparing their outfits and accompaniments for their wedding day however, a surprisingly low number put in the effort to slim down and tone up for the big day. I would encourage anybody getting married to put that little extra effort in and get in shape for their wedding day.

For the Groom

Though getting ready for the big day is usually more revolved around the bride, the dress and the bridesmaids, it is important that the groom is looking sharp too! Whether you are new to the gym and exercise in general, or are already in good shape, our personal trainers are here to get you the results that you want to see. It’s all about having a vision in your head of how you want to look for your big day. From there, we can design an exercise and food plan to get you to that point. Also, don’t forget to build up your strength for the all-important ‘wife-carrying photo moment’!

For the Bride

Ignore what I wrote before; this day is all about you! We get a lot of brides-to-be who are seeking some help for their big day but aren’t entirely sure what to eat, how to exercise or even where to start. We alleviate all of these issues for the brides-to-be looking to look that extra bit better on the big day. Getting in shape for your wedding isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too and strutting down the aisle like Kate Moss down a catwalk; all eyes on you and having the confidence to flaunt your stuff. Through the use of a tailored fitness and dietary plan to suit your body goals, our personal trainers can give you that all-important confidence on your big day!

Get in Shape Together

There is the old saying ‘Couples who train together, stay together’ and there is some great logic behind this. Working out with your partner is great fun and can be great motivation for you both to achieve your fitness goals together. Furthermore, everybody knows how stressful wedding planning can be and by getting yourselves into the gym together, you can proactively relieve your stress and focus on something else. Though many think of the gym as some kind of fitness boot-camp where there is no place for fun or emotion, this is simply not true. When you train with your partner or a friend it gives you the opportunity to motivate each other as well as catch up in the process and enjoy some time together.

If you would like to find out more about how our personal trainers can get yourself, your partner or, of course, both of you into the shape you want to be in for your big day, then get in touch and start your personal training journey!


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