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How Do You Know That You Need a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainer Didsbury

Going to the gym is becoming increasingly common and popular in today’s society, with more and more young and old individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle or a more physically aesthetic body. Though the gym is popular, not everybody is able to make the most out of this metal jungle. These people will often end up frustrated due to their lack of progress and may pack it all in. This is where a personal trainer can be your greatest ally; here are some criteria which may help you decide if you need a personal trainer:

If You’re Struggling to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Fitness goals can be anything from wanting to lose a few kilos or run 5Km to squatting 200kg or running a marathon. No matter how simple or advanced your goals may be, a lot of us struggle to achieve our goals; this may be due to poor technique or maybe even the wrong gym regime. However, with a personal trainer you know that somebody else is working for you in this regard, always thinking of new and exciting ways that you can achieve your goals safely and quickly.

If You Lack Motivation

Motivation is the biggest reason for failure in the gym, if you don’t have it, you can’t achieve your goals. A personal trainer doesn’t have to shout at you or scare you into exercising, neither do they have to hold your hand throughout the process. They are there to keep you motivated and focussed during your sessions, and to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit out of your exercise by giving your all.

If You Need Help Setting Realistic Goals

Where so many people go wrong in the gym is that they think that within a year they will look like Arnold Swartzenegger or be able to run as far as Mo Farrah, this is humanly impossible. When you are unrealistic about your goals you can only disappoint yourself. A personal trainer will sit down with you and talk through what you want to achieve, whether its distance running, weight loss or muscle building. From there, you can build a plan around realistic goals which won’t leave you disappointed.

If You’re Struggling With Technique

Having good technique isn’t just about exercising safely, it’s about maximising your results from your activity in the gym. Poor running technique will not only slow you down, but reduce the distance you can run, whereas poor lifting technique could result in a serious injury and won’t optimise the results of your weight training. A personal trainer will ensure that you aren’t suffering due to poor technique.

So Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

If you’re struggling with you gym work or don’t know what your next step should be, then you may need a personal trainer. I offer personal training in Didsbury and make sure that all of the aforementioned information is taken into account when I train my clients. If you’re interested in a successful training programme with support throughout then get in touch today!


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