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The Time to Start Working for that Summer Body is Now

summer fitness regime

We can forgive ourselves for the inevitable over-indulgence that coincides with Christmas and New Year celebrations. The sluggishness that a lack of daylight, cold temperatures, and the office flu causes is a common state in the long winter months.

As an experienced personal trainer I am familiar with the routine of seeing a big influx of new members at the gym, momentarily determined to get fit in the New Year, but who soon enough lose their motivation. Come the summer, these same people wonder why, in spite of paying for a gym membership, they haven’t been able to achieve their body goals. I am also accustomed to seeing people arrive at the gym in June, asking for a full fitness transformation in time for their holiday a couple of weeks later.

At Personal Training Didsbury, we believe it’s time to stop these trends in their tracks. I am going to share with you my reasons for why getting beach-body-ready should begin now.

If the Birds are Singing it’s Time to Bring Spring to Your Body

With the days getting lighter, now is the perfect time to find that motivation. When we wake up in the morning, the darkness of night is no more. As part of the body’s natural rhythms for sleeping, we are manufactured to wake up with light. Those of us prone to minor or acute Seasonal Affective Disorder, will start to feel higher in spirits and energy. After months of dark mornings, we can finally make the most of light.

A lot of clients like to have their personal training sessions in the morning. The advantages of this are proven. Notably, the release of endorphins that occurs during exercise is with you from the get-go; exercise is frequently advised as a method to control stress and depression so exercising in the morning will give you the best headspace for a day at work. Why would you want to deny your body of that until the summer? Your metabolism is jump started with a morning work-out meaning your calorie intake is better “burned” throughout the day. Not only is it an easy routine to manage since you’re unlikely to have a clash of interests as in the evening, but your productivity and sense of achievement will be soaring.

Getting into a Work-Out Routine Now is Good Training for the Summer

Our bodies like routine.

We wake up at the same time most days, eat and clean our teeth at similar times, and do our weekly shop on the same day. We don’t have to actively put thought into these things, and going to do exercise should be the same. Think about kids washing their hands before a meal; initially they kick up a fuss, then after a few weeks it’s no longer an issue; it becomes second nature. As a personal trainer, I see my clients and other gym members on the same days and at the same time.

Train your body into an exercise routine now and by the time you hit June not only will you have reached your goal early, but exceeded your potential. By beginning this shift now, you can eliminate the anxieties that delaying your fitness training until later would inevitably cause.

If you’re struggling to find that motivation on your own, exercise classes are a great way to build camaraderie with a body of like-minded people. Alternatively, a personal trainer is a fantastic ally to reaching your fitness goals. Both exercise classes and personal training are proven methods for making us stick to an exercise routine.

If you would like some more information about getting into shape for summer, or if you’re interested in having a personal trainer in Greater Manchester to help you on your journey to fitness, get in touch.


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