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6 Signs that you should Find a Personal Trainer

6 signs you need a personal trainer

Each person who does their share of exercise has their own goal. For some, exercise is the route to weight loss, others wish to gain muscle mass and tone up, and there are those who are training for a particular endurance event; then there are many want to simply improve their health. As a personal trainer working in Didsbury, I have the pleasure of supporting a growing pool of clients with their fitness journey. From gym buffs to total newbies and the inbetweeners (the yo-yo gym goers), personal trainers can put together a bespoke fitness plan which works for you and will help you achieve your goals – that’s why it’s called personal training. Whoever you are, and whatever your fitness background, I want to share six signs that it may be time to find a personal trainer.

You Struggle to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

All over the world there are millions of people who struggle to lose weight and keep it off. In magazines, over lunch, on the TV, in our various newsfeeds, we read and hear of countless ‘miracle diets’ that worked wonders for such-and-such-a-body. When you attempt yourself however, you find that the results are negligible, or that whilst you have noticed some weight loss, you’re miserable with such a restrictive and unsustainable diet. Supportive and motivating, with the help of a personal trainer, you can achieve your weight loss goals by having a personalised fitness plan that is both targeted and sustainable in the long-term.

You’re Starting a New Chapter

It may be that you’re getting married, you’re about to start or have just finished university, you have recently retired, or started a new job; life is full of wonderful twists and turns and sometimes turning onto a new chapter is a good time to have a fitness refresh. As a personal trainer I have many clients who chose to come alone, but also love to do couples’ sessions and the wedding packages prove to be very popular, but also really effective.

You Want to Finally Do that 10K!

One day, you declared around the dinner table or to your friends at work that you are going to do that 10K, half marathon, marathon even. More than a year has passed and you haven’t managed to sign up yet. This story isn’t uncommon, and you certainly are not alone. These days life can get in the way of many of our grand plans, but this doesn’t need to be one of the plans that don’t go ahead. Investing in personal training sessions can be the ultimate push that you need to help you get from sign up to start-line, no matter the level of fitness you have to begin with.

You Signed up to an Endurance Event – What Now?

Even the most active sorts can use some help to tailor their workout to prepare for particular endurance events. Whether you’re tackling Tough Mudder, taking on a triathlon, signed up to Ironman, or ticking off the marathon, with the help of a personal trainer you can ensure that you not only reach the finish line, but that you beat what you thought would be your best possible time. A tailored fitness plan can support all of the right muscles and enable you to achieve optimum fitness.

You Want to Feel Full of Life

For many people, their fitness journey doesn’t have a particular end point. Instead, getting involved with more frequent exercise is an active decision to stay on top of your health. With a busy lifestyle, you can often feel exhausted and sluggish; exercise can help. Getting fit not only increases your energy levels, it is also an extremely effective stress-buster and positivity-booster. With personal training sessions, you can develop a holistic exercise routine that you can carry with you forever and progress at a rate that suits you. There is also the option of trying out classes such as Boxercise that can give a communal feel to your fitness.

You Can’t Build Up Muscle

There are plenty of people who find building muscle difficult. What many people don’t realise is that building muscle isn’t simply about grabbing the biggest weight bar that you can and going hell for leather; it’s a process which needs the right foundations from which to build upon. Knowing the types of weights and which machines will work best for your body is difficult and often intimidating. A personal trainer can talk you through the exercises and the machines that will really benefit your body and encourage muscle building.

To learn more about a particular personal training package, to discuss how a personal trainer can help you, or to book your first session get in touch today.


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